Thanks for trying DAXBOT PRO DEMO Version.

DAXBOT PRO is a time base breakout bot that uses internal stop management to exit trades. Stop loss also controlled by previous resistance levels.

All stop loss and take profit mechanisms controlled internally by EA. It is 100% hands free.


Download  DAXPROPRO from the download button below, the daxbotpro.ex4 is contained in the zip folder:









You will have 2 files in the Zip folder, copy the Daxbotpro(demo).ex4 and place into Open MT4 Terminal>File >OPEN DATA FOLDER>MQL4>EXPERTS.

How to install EA here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAfN-NO7VE8

This EA works only on DEMO accounts. It will fail to licence on a Live account.

EXPIRY of Demo EA: 20th May.

Full version user has more ability to change stops etc, take profit levels, but the demo will work perfectly fine to evaluate trading and match us trade V trade.




Please attach to chart DE30 (DAX/DAX30/GER30 5-MINUTE, Please open 3 charts. (attached pic in the zip folder)

Chart 1  (default set)

BoxStartHour 04:00 

BoxEndHour 09:05 

Magic number 1

Lot size: Default is 1.0 (€1 point) Change as you wish.


Chart 2  (DAX/DAX30/GER30 5-MINUTE)

BoxStartHour 08:00 

BoxEndHour 12:00

Magic number 2

Lot size: Default is 1.0 (€1 point) Change as you wish.

Chart 3  (DAX/DAX30/GER30 5-MINUTE)

BoxStartHour 12:00 

BoxEndHour 16:00

Magic number 3

Lot size: Default is 1.0 (€1 point) Change as you wish.


CRUCIAL: THESE TIMES ARE BASED ON GMT+3 BROKERS (AXI/IC/VANTAGE/VT/etc), if your broker is not GMT they will need adjustment. Contact us for advice if this is the case.


If you do not make magic number different in each chart, EA won't perform properly, please ensure it is done.


Our model here is using €1.0k per each 1.0 base lot: https://www.myfxbook.com/members/AlnoTrade/daxbot-pro-edition/8272394


Live €50k using 25.0 lots: https://www.myfxbook.com/members/AlnoTrade/daxbot-pro-50k-live/8341729



Best brokers (spread 0.5 pip) are

Vantage: http://go.vantagefx.com/visit/?bta=36486&brand=vantagefx


Axi: https://www.axitrader.com/au/live-account?token=zfAofcTcVfu2GxUsReiSZGNd7ZgqdRLk&affid=583


As a rule of thumb using 1.0 lot DAXBOT PRO will make about €400 (400 points) a month with possible drawdown similar. 


We have live telegram group that we also call out the signals for DAXBOT & DRAGON.


Please ask any questions.