Thanks for trying DRAGON DEMO Version. Will work in any DEMO Acccount of MT4. It is time limited.

Download MT4 from VTmarkets if you dont already have MT4: https://go.vtmarkets.com/visit/?bta=35342&nci=5371

Get a RAW MT4 demo.

Download DRAGON DEMO from the download button below, the dragonV1.0(demo).ex4 is contained in the zip folder:










Please place in the Dragon1.0(demo).ex4 file in the expert folder of your MT4 terminal. Open Mt4>File OPEN DATA FOLDER>MQL4>EXPERTS.

This EA works only on Demo.


how to install EA here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAfN-NO7VE8


Please attach the EA file DragonV1.0(demo) to chart GBPJPY 15 MINUTE, Please open 3 charts. (see pic in file)


EA Will expire in June 20th.


Chart 1 

Box END hour  09:00 & Magic number 1    (default set)


Chart 2 

Box END hour 10:15 and Magic number 2


Chart 3

Box END hour 12:00 and Magic number 3


Start time is always 01:00 on all 3. All other parameters remain same,

EA is set for a GMT+3 broker, fine for VTMarkets/tickmill/IC markets/Axi/Vantagefx etc. If your broker differs from that, please advise us, its unlikely but possible, as the trading windows will shift as they work off the server MT4 clock of the broker.

Max lot should always be X4 bigger than start lot. This is standard operating mode.


EA need to run all time during market hours. EA uses stop loss 25 pips and target 25pips with internal trailing stop loss function active from 15 pips.,


EA is set to 0.1 base lot and increase factor X2 after loss to max lot size 0.4.


Our model here is using €15k per each 1.0 base lot: https://www.myfxbook.com/members/AlnoTrade/dragonscalper/6525642


Backtest lives here: https://www.myfxbook.com/members/AlnoTrade    (under strategies - DragonChart1/2/3)

If you want the combo backtest, email me (combination of the 3 charts combined)


Approximate Return on $1k account:

10% month Start lot 0.05 , Max lot 0.2, 

20% month Start lot 0.1 , max lot 0.4

40% month Start lot 0.2, max 0.8. (Hi Risk)

EA not win every trade, its best to set and forget it. Overall long term it wins and this is only way to make long term consistent goals in FX to stay on same method long term. System flipping only feeds liquidity.


We have live telegram group that we also call out the signals for DRAGON.


Please ask any questions.