What is ELITE Dragon and How does it trade?

ELITE Dragon is an EA (Expert Advisor) specially designed for the GBPJPY cross rate using MT4 Platform Technology.

Historically, this cross rate has been nicknamed "Geppy" or "Dragon".


Dragon uses fixed stop loss and take profit levels combined with trailing stop function.

The dragon starts to trade from around 700am GMT and ends at 9pm GMT. 

The GBPJPY is typically known for its screaming volatility, and high ADR (average daily range).

This makes it a perfect candidate for day trading, with excellent trading opportunities arising daily.

Dragon will take this opportunity to take advantage of the swift movements and profit to the max.

Key Trading Logic:

ELITEDragon works on the M5 Chart of the GBPJPY pair- (5 Minute) Timeframe. It will place orders at specific support and resistance levels using 3 different charts.

The trading window is from 7 am UK time to 5 pm UK time, it will not open a position outside these hours, but may carry over a trade into late US time. It wont hold into Asia Trading session. ELITEDragon has a superb win rate over 70% and can demonstrate clear trading prowess in all market conditions which lends to excellent monthly returns with controlled drawdown. It has been backtested in both 5 and 10 year models with 99% quality and performs admirably in long range tests using same trade settings, ensuring a system with trading longevity and historical robustness.

Trades are managed by fixed stop loss and take profit on every trade (circa 25 pips) and uses trailing stop exit. As Dragon uses support and resistance levels for determining the entry points, It can be classified as a breakout trader as opposed to indicator generated signals, ELITEDragon trades are exclusively governed by price action, not price "reaction".

Minimum lot size is 0.01 ($1K) and client can start trading with €200 account.

Dragon in Action:

LIVE Trading Results: (updated every 5 Minutes) 

Historical Testing (Long Range Backtests)

Key Highlights: 

  • Over 3000% Backtest Gain since 2015

  • Completely 100% Hands Free

  • Passes 5 Year Historical Backtest

  • Focus only on GBPPJPY

  • Fixed Stop and Profit Levels

  • Works on any Broker with GBPJPY

  • Adaptable &Profitable in ALL Conditions

  • No other cost or associated fees

  • Run on your own PC or VPS

  • 5 Minutes Set-Up.




























Zero Guesswork. Dragon is a Rule Based 100% Auto Trading System

Live Account of Ours to Track and Monitor your Trading against. Consistent.

Trades only 1 pair - Fast and Effective Results

High Quality Signals, High Win Rate, Low Drawdown, Safe trading.

verified-by-myfxbook (1).png

Every Trade is Verified by Industry standard myfxbook. We only use Regulated, safe and reliable brokers with multiple jurisdiction regulation. Our results are real, on live money and updated in real time. It just cant get any more transparent.

All our trading systems at alnotrade are time tested and dragon is not any different. An excellent 3,5 & 10-Year Historical Test on same settings demonstrates the long term prowess of the system. This also allows us and the customer to fully assess downside risks to the system to set up risk profiles. 

To the right is merged backtest reports from the 3 chart setup that dragon uses. For individual chart 1,2 & 3 backtests can be found on our myfxbook profile: https://www.myfxbook.com/members/AlnoTrade

If you look under the strategies section you will see Chart 1,2 & 3 for dragon.


ELITE Dragon Trader Expert Advisor will Automatically place pending orders and remove them before end of day if they are not triggered during the trading day. All orders are re-entered automatically the next morning as the European session starts again.


+1200% Gain in 12 Months

<30% Drawdown. Protecting your Wallet

Use on any broker with GBPJPY pair.



Just lot size entry required. No other settings adjustments are needed.


You will get a clear, detailed manual outlining setup instructions and best recommendations to maximize performance.


For any issues arise, they will be expertly dealt with by our customer service team.  Help will always be at hand if you need any assistance.


Because Dragon auto optimizes itself, this isn’t entirely necessary, but any updates or improvements we make for the system will be provided to you.