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Please use this page to setup the product InfinityXO if you purchased from MQL store. This product:

The instructions are fairly straightforward and in case you need help use messenger on the MQL chat.

Instructions for MT4 and MT5 are the same, albeit different EA.


Running GOLDENBULL: Run on 3 Individual Charts of the XAU/USD [GOLD] Instrument]

Chart 1: 15 Min

Chart 2: 15 Min

Chart 3: 1 Min

How to install EA to your MT4 folder here:

or MQL5 version:

Please open 2 charts of XAUUSD and make them timeframe 15Min  (Can also be called GOLD/XAU/GOLD/USD)

Please open a 3rd chart and make timeframe 1 Minute.

The settings below are for GMT+2 broker (who become +3GMT in summer) this covers around 90% of Global broker server on MT4/5. If your broker is not GMT+2, revert to support for advice.

MAKE SURE magic numbers are DIFFERENT on each chart, (if you use set files they will be different anyway)

GoldenBull does not use increase lot size, so it be set to 1. Adjust lot size and max lot size to suit.

Attach EA and load setfiles to each chart - Set 1 to chart 1, set 2 to chart 2 and set 3 to chart 3 (the 1 min chart)

All user has to do, is enter the lot size they want EA to trade after they load the proper set file.


The 3rd chart: (1 min)
The reason behind the 3rd chart on 1 min and the goldend at 15:31 as opposed to 15:30 is to ensure the EA is NOT placing orders at the news time at 9.30EST (15:30). Its causes great issue to place trades as this time so we leave it until 1 min after. On the same note, you will also see the chart 2 is closing all trades and orders at 15:29, 1 minute before crucial news times. This ensure goldenbull is flat during news release.
Risk/Lot Sizing:
Each signal uses a $2.5 (250 cents) point stop loss, so assuming broker is 1,0 lot = 1USD per cent, a loss would be-$250.
So on a $1000 account using 0.1 lots is -2.5% risk per trade.(-$25)  Make sure you know full well the lot sizes of your broker. Right click the symbol properties in the MT4 Marketwatch and you will see contract specification., and contract size.
Below is an example in ICmarkets where a 1.0 lot trade is $25 in profit when position is 25 cents in gain. So, 1.0 lot is 1 USD per cent in this case.
So, thats it, its quite straightforward and you will have 3 charts running when you completed. (MAKE SURE THAT 3rd CHART IS on 1 MINUTE TIMEFRAME!!!)
As I mentioned above, this is for GMT2 brokers. This covers almost all brokers. However some brokers like Exness and a few others use GMT0, we will provide the set files for them, but all the time values will be 2 hours less than above. 
However, we have all necessary sets, contact us always and use demo at the start to get the EA dialled into your broker!!
Any questions, please email me, or chat below.

Claire Hancock

Client Relations.

AlnoTrade Intelligent Trading Systems


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