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INDEXFirst Expert Advisor

IndexFirst is a trading system available for both Mt4 and Mt5. 

It is not sold seperately, but as a bonus EA with purchase of CableOne EA.

IndexFirst sucessfully trades DAX, DOW, NASDAQ and SP500 right at the open of the market. It does not hold past the first few hours of the open and avoids news trading. It is not HFT or martingale and can be used in Prop accounts.


We have a range of broker accounts running on the system here:

Vantage (all 4 pairs)

IC (all 4 pairs):

8CapLive  NASDAQ ONLY (10k)

IndexFirst Runs on the 1 min chart. It is a different system to infinityXO which actually trades the 30-60 mins AFTER the open.

IndexFirst uses a STOP LOSS on every trade upto 50 points. (30 points on DAX + NASDAQ)


EA comes with full install instructions and help and setup. To get this incredible EA please visit the CableOne page and purchase from there:

If you have any questions you can whatsapp us, telegram, MQLchat or email!

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