***INFINITYXO** Setup Instructions.
Running INFINITY: INFINITY RUNS ON 8 CHARTS - 4 X DOW30 (aka DJ30, US30) and 4 X DAX40 (aka DE40, DAX, GER40)
How to install EA to your MT4 Expert Advisor from MQL5 Market: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/742670
Download the setfiles for both the DAX and DOW from here:

Let first address the 4 X charts for the DAX40 as they are first to trade during the day. Open 4 X DAX40 chart and make timeframe 15 min as in image below:


Hit the load button at bottom right of the EA screen and upload each set provided to each chart. 
The SET Files provided are for broker GMT+2 (around 90% of brokers are on GMT+2) IF your broker is not using GMT+2 consult with us for new set files to ensure InfinityXO is trading at the right time.
EA is set to 1.0 lot, please adjust as necessary in function: LOT SIZE.  You will also need to adjust MAX LOT SIZE as this value will not allow EA to trade above the input.
The magic numbers are already different in the set files, so no adjustment needed there.
Next thing to be wary of is the number of digits in your quote. Look at this example above of ICmarkets, the quote is 12861.80.
So in this instance, the quote number of digits is 7. So in EA you can see order1TP is 5000, actually thats 50 points as it would read 50.00 to the quote, so TP would be 12861.80 + 50.00 = 12911.80
So, if your broker is reading with 6 digits like 12861.8 you will have to adjust the following to remove the last digits in all relevant used parameters on EACH CHART.:
1. Points above Range from 200 to 20
2. Points below range from 150 to 15
3. Order 1TP from 5000 to 500
4. Order 1SL from 2500 to 25
5. Trailing Start from 1000 to 100
6. Trailing Step from 500 to 50 
Next thing to be wary of is a function in broker called stops level. IF you right click the symbol DAX or DOW in marketwatch window, you see option, specification. In IC you can see below it is 0 and in vantageFX it is 500. What does this mean?
Essentially this means that in IC there is no limitation of  how close you can place limit and stop orders to the actual current market price, whereas in Vantagefx, the order must be placed 500 (5 points) away from current market price. So, what can happen is when EA goes to place order in vantagefx at the start of the window and the market is at the top or bottom of the candle, the EA cant get the order placed as it too close to market and order get rejected at broker. Worst case secario, you miss a trade that broker IC would get. Now, we are running a live vantagefx, its not a major problem to miss a trade or two, but this is why you won't see idential alignment of trades.
Next thing is load up 4 X Dow charts of 15 min and place the InfintityXO ea on all 4 charts and load the above set files. So, now you will have this on your MT4. 4 charts of Dax15M and 4 of US30/DJ30 15M open and running. When EA is running you will see a smiley face in top right corner of ALL 8 charts.




















Again, load the set files provided and they are pre-programmed with correct settings, just change lot size. Magic numbers are different on them all already. Again,its preset for GMT+2, if different confer with us to get your proper GMT settings.

Again, in the case of DOW, same with DAX above, its built for 7 digit quote, i.e 30801.00. So, if your broker uses 6 or 5 digit you need to adjust the 6 parameters mentioned above. And, also stop levels in the contract spec affects DOW also, so it can miss trades in brokers who enforce stop levels placement. 

Description and Function of inputs:

BoxStartHour=10:00                   (EA starts to record high/low from this time)
BoxEndHour=10:30                    (EA stops to record high/low from this time and places order at this time at top of bottom of range)
MaxSizeRange=50000               (User can edit this to stop EA trading after very large range)
NumberOfOrders=1                    (1 order placed at end of boxend, this means 1 BUY and 1 SELL order, user can generate more)
PointsAboveRange=200               (200 [2 points] above the range for BUY order)
PointsBelowRange=150                (150 [1.5 points] above the range for SELL order, as spread is 50 the Sell is smaller than buy)
(To manage open trades in same pair same time, make different each chart)
(Lot size trade will open)
LotInceraseFactor=1.0                   (You can use this to make next trade X2 or X3, like recovery function, for now we dont use recovery)
MaxLotSize=1.0                           (If lotincreasefactor is >1, EA will keep increasing lot size until maxlot is hit, after WIN trade, it reset to <LOTSIZE> again)
ResetAfterMaxLot=false                 (User can use this once max lot is achieved, if this = TRUE, it goes back to <LOTSIZE> whether or not EA wins or not)
Order1_TP=5000                        (Take Profit of Order, 5000 = 50 points)
BoxStopLoss=false                        (User can use the BOX range as stop loss also, if TRUE, stop loss will be above high or low of the Box window)
MinSLPips=2000                          (If <BoxStopLoss> = TRUE, user can define a minimumSL value to avoid a stop loss that is much too tight.)
MaxSLPips=6000                         (If <BoxStopLoss> = TRUE, user can define a maximumSL value to avoid a stop loss that is much too large)
Order1_SL=2500                         (If <BoxStopLoss> = FASLE, this will be our SL size, in our case it is 2500 (25 points) in both DOW and DAX)
TradeComment=Infinity1DAX40       (Change as you like, places comment in the trade so you can see which trade belong to which chart/window)

ts===== TRAILINGSTOP ====
TrailingStop=true                            (True = Activate Trailing Stop)
TrailingStopAfterGain=1000.0        (1000 = Starts to move stop loss once +10 points profit achieved)
TrailingStopLevel=500.0                 (500 = EA will continually move stop loss always 5 points behind market on a point by point basis, i.e once +12, stop is raised to +7)

bts===== BREAKEVEN ====
BreakEven=false                            (Not used as we prefer trailing stop exits)
BreakEvenAfterGain=100.0            (If <breakeven>= TRUE, then at +10 points the stop move to Breakeven)
BreakEvenLevel=0.0                       (Can move breakeven to 0, or +200 for 2 points and so on)
CancelAllTradesByTime=11:00        (Deletes ALL Pending orders at 11:00)
CloseAllTradesByTime=11:00          (Closes all OPEN positions at 11:00)
CancelOpposite=true                      (Once a buy or sell order is triggered, EA deletes the other side)

Lot Sizes and Risk.

Be on guard for lot sizes in Indices, TEST on DEMO first. In the case of IC, a 1.0 lot is €1 a point in DAX and $1 in DOW. In other broker like XTB, a 1.0 lot trade in DAX is a Full DAX40 futures contract at €25 a point. So, one broker to next can have X25 greater lot size for same value.

So, assuming 1.0 is €1 a point, a full stop out is €25 (25 point loss), so on a €1k account is -2.5% loss per trade, on €500 is -5% and so on. So, a €500 can comfortably run a 1.0 lot, assuming a max DD of 100 points, representing a 20% DD. Quite manageable and not excessive.

In any case you can see from our myfxbook profiles the lot sizes we use and account balances etc.

We are in process of adding more brokers Live accounts, and over time will allow us to see who over and underperforms etc,. but mainstream Tier1 ASICs and FCAs you won't really go far wrong with the usual popular suspects, IC, Axi, VantageFx, Tickmill, Admiral, GlobalPrime etc.

Spread and Conditions

Spread is important and good brokers quote from 0.5 to 1.0 in DAX with no commission. Its very cheap to trade indices. If you are paying more than that, get yourself moved. Wider spreads lowers performance, as it takes greater movement to get into profit and less movement to get stopped out.

In Dow, its typically around 100-130 (1 - 1.3 point) which is perfectly fine.

IF you are checking the spreads, make sure the corresponding market is OPEN, as the spreads increase substantially when market is not open.

IF IN DOUBT, please email me, or chat below. We are here to help,  GET familiar with EA on demo, don't make costly mistakes! EA will work on demo and LIVE!!

Claire Hancock

Client Relations.

AlnoTrade Intelligent Trading Systems