Pirated Copies - The Lowdown
As with any quality product in life there will always be the knock off version for a 1/10 the price. We know such sites exist and human nature will always try to get replicas or software for close to free. Nonetheless, we thought we would share our insights to you about this and you can make your own educated decision.
Our EA costs €300 for a very good reason, to maintain quality, service updates, fund development into more EA's and pay for the team to service our clients through instant support and round the clock email. Also, thousands of man hours go into developing a good EA in the first instance, which all takes costs. To run a commercial operation, takes more than a few lines of code and throw it out there. 
Onto the pirates, using a harmful cracked 32dll file that sits on your c:/ drive is not a great idea if you value your PC integrity. It can create all sorts of harmful viruses and bugs to effect other applications, slowing down other operations and utilities. What if they did'nt hack it right and does some crazy trading from nowhere on your account?
Then you will get the current version, fine, which will last as long as we make an update in which case your pirate will want to take another $30 off you to crack the next version. So, 4 updates down the line you are into $120+ and a lot of hassle, getting the updates weeks or months after release, losing money on your trading account as you patiently wait on your Jolly Roger to get their finger out. Now, you can start to see who the real pirate is and how this will be an uphill battle in the long run. All our clients get instant updates the day they are released.
Thats' before we even mention set-up help, support and general operational questions on risk, leverage or different pairs and settings. Who is going to tell you that a GMT shift is coming and you need to change the time setting on the EA, or Easter Friday is coming and turn off EA? None of this you will get from your friendly Jolly. You will learn this the hard and likely expensive way as you wonder why your account is bleeding red while you are on the wrong time settings.
Add all of this to the fact you can get the EA's free of charge with a choice of 4 well regulated, established and reputable brokers - it's a no brainer really.
So, think long and hard about your long term Forex ambitions before you swag that fake EA, will it last as long as your last fake rolex? Likely.

The AlnoTrade Development Team.